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Fully insured

Full CCAB (Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist) and APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) member. 

Dog training and behaviour in Farnham and surrounding areas in Surrey


Common problems include aggression, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, excessive barking, lack of recall and pulling on the lead.


Any sound familiar? Get in touch!

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Behaviour Consultations

Is walking your dog a daily source of panic and dread? Are you hiding in the bushes from other dogs just in case they rush over and turn your dog into a growling, snarling monster? 

Dream of the days where you can go out for a coffee with friends without having to worry about your dog screaming the house down?

Fed up of your dog chewing the skirting boards to within an inch of its life?

Then a behaviour consultation is for you! 

All behaviour cases are seen on vet referral, so please get in touch to find out more. 

Check out the available packages below for the service that best suits you!

Gold Package


This package is designed for those more complex problems, or those that may take multiple sessions to iron out. 

The Gold package includes:

- Full behaviour consultation

- Written report 

- 4 1 hour training sessions 


Silver Package


A premium service at a mid-range price for those issues needing a follow up session to make sure progress is flying high!

the Silver package includes:

- Full behaviour consultation

- 1 1 hour follow up session

- Written report 


Bronze package


This package is for those more straightforward problems that can be sussed in one session. 

This package includes:

- Full behaviour consultation

- Written report 

Services : Services

Dog Training

Fed up of chasing your dog across the park because they have decided the Cockerpoo the other side is their new best friend?

Tired of being dragged down the road as your dog tows you along?

Then training sessions are what you need! Check out the options below 

Puppy Visits


Just added a new exciting member of the family and want to make sure you set him up for success? 

Then this is exactly what you need!


Pack of 4 sessions

From £290

Want to work on an area which might take more than one session? Have a couple of niggling problems you would like to get fixed? Then this package is just what you need! The 4 sessions can be spread however you like and aim at progressing your dogs learning on with either one stubborn area or multiple areas.


One to One session

From £70

Want some top tips on how to get your dog to come back when called? would love to have a go t some fun tricks and enriching games for your dog? then a 1 hour session is for you! This session can focus on whatever you would like! so get thinking about what you would like to teach your dog next!

Services : Classes

Online Coaching

Do you want all the support for your dog training but don't have the time to commit to in person sessions? Do you want to be able to control when you train and feel accountable for your own progress? Not in Surrey? Then online coaching is for you!

Online coaching involves a 30-60 minute diagnostic phone call where we will identify your goals and put together a training plan. You will then receive a speadsheet to be completed each day. You will get weekly/biweekly check-ins so we can monitor your progress and keep everything on track. 

You are encouraged to send video footage of your training which will be reviewed in the check-in's along with your spreadsheet. 

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Mentoring Programme

personalised mentoring programme for aspiring behaviourists an trainers

Are you wanting to become a behaviourist or trainer but don't know where to start? Are you on your career journey but want to hone your skills or develop new ones? Then this mentoring programme is for you! 

You will be supported in developing your skills in your chosen interest and challenged with complex cases to work through. 

Whats included: 

Fortnightly virtual session delving into a case of yours, or an anonymised case of mine to work through 

Support in business development 

Help in deciding on further education/CPD 

personalised educational content in behaviour and training 

The option to shadow me in live cases in Surrey

Access to a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a certified behaviour mentor.

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Training methods

Only the latest, reward based methods are used here at Surrey Dog Behaviour

Punishment based methods are not condoned, as we want to promote a positive, happy, long term relationship between you and your pet!

You can tell our methods are a hit by the smiling faces and wagging tails after each session!

Get in touch to book a service

Services : About Me
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