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Why Choose Puppy Up!

For the last 6 months, I have been working tirelessly to produce the puppy course everyone needs! I work with puppy and dog owners every...

Every Dog Needs a Job

What made you pick the breed you own? Did you know someone with that breed growing up? Did your family own that breed? Have you always...

The Bones of Dog Etiquette

As there are lots of new dog owners on the block I thought it was a good idea to highlight some of the common dog etiquette rules. I...

The Purpose of a Walk

I was chatting with a friend about what they consider the purpose of a dog walk to be and it got me thinking, most people might centre...

The Truth About Socialisation

This is definitely a conversation that is being had EVERYWHERE at the moment, from the facebook posts crying "socialise your puppy or the...

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